Young Adult Ambassadors (17-30)

This leadership program for young adults (17-30) focuses on the themes of Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, Communication, Active Citizenship/Activism and Personal Development. Through 2-hour workshops on one Saturday a month for a calendar year (January-December) young leaders hone their talents, grow their knowledge and refine their activism projects as they grow an international network of likeminded community builders. Please contact for more information.

“This Ambassadors Program is an amazing opportunity to harness your activism, leadership and social changemaking abilities through the tools and guidance that Chaeli & Zelda have crafted so well from inside local communities to the World Stage. I love networking with like-minded socially-conscious people from different countries and being able to learn about their different insights, experiences, beliefs and innovative ideas to make the world a better place. “ — Ashleigh Lopez, London

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