Chaeli’s New Book: “Unapologetically Able”


Written by South African heroine, Chaeli Mycroft, ‘Unapologetically Able’ chronicles the life, laughs and oft-unspoken vulnerabilities of those living with disability. 

No stranger to breaking ground and challenging misconceptions, 27-year-old Chaeli has already made history multiple times over… from summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, to being the first athlete in a wheelchair to complete the Comrades Marathon, from winning the International Children’s Peace Prize to founding The Chaeli Campaign to champion a more ability-focused and inclusive world.

Now, in a tell-all, behind-the-scenes glimpse into her life, Chaeli brings us closer than ever: revealing her innermost thoughts, fears, questions, really crazy experiences, and the profound lessons she’s learnt along the way…

“I’ve wanted to write this book for years,” says Chaeli. “But really doing it takes a different kind of courage and tenacity, and in some ways, it’s scarier and more daunting than climbing Mount Kilimanjaro! Through it though, I’ve reached an even deeper level of self acceptance… and that’s the key thing I hope everyone that reads my book takes with them.” 

Born in 1994 with cerebral palsy, Chaeli has never let disability dismantle her dreams and she possesses a unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life and abilities.

This barrier-breaking account of not only living with disability, but learning how to do so unashamedly brings readers along on a journey of collective self-discovery and acceptance – whether they are disabled or not.

“I’ve tried to reveal my life and its lessons in all their complexity and range – from very intense moments and questions, to my grappling with the theoretical understanding of disability discourse, to some hilarious encounters and crazy stories – it’s a roller coaster of emotions, which is actually a pretty accurate description of my life thus far,” reflects Chaeli.

Why the title ‘Unapologetically Able’? “People tend to think that I’ve succeeded in spite of my disabilities,” says Chaeli, “But I want them to know that I’m still unapologetically able to do so many things they thought were beyond a disabled person’s reach. At the same time, I’m also unapologetically disabled…  I have real needs, and I’m not ashamed of them. We have to own every part of ourselves unapologetically and for me, that includes all the disability stuff.”

For anyone looking for an inspirational, honest and remarkable memoir, look no further. Chaeli’s book, ‘Unapologetically Able’ is available internationally via Amazon. For news of future publications sign up for news at