Adaptive Sport Program

The Chaeli Foundation runs inclusive sporting activities and events that encourages family participation and build a sense of community. Our vision is to develop a rehabilitation program, through sport, to promote physical and emotional healing. The focus is on recognizing and working with individuals’ abilities – whether they have impairments or not.

Youth Ambassador Leadership Program

This leadership through social entrepreneurship program is aimed at children between the ages of 9 and 16. It encourages young leaders to find their voice and claim their power as leaders of today. It includes lessons on basic business principles, self-development, leadership and how to grow inclusive communities. The year-long program culminates in each youth ambassador running their own social project to uplift their community. The program empowers youth change-makers and helps build communities.

African Outreach Program

By actively engaging with global partners, The Chaeli Campaign South Africa has created a global footprint for its work. The support and learning that results from these inclusive projects is implemented throughout South Africa, the greater African continent and around the world.


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